Satvat Infosol Pvt Ltd has a dedicated team of Senior Professionals and well trained Software Programmers/Developers executing projects on latest technologies i.e. AI / ML (Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning), Asp.Net, SQL Server, PHP, MySQL, Oracle, C #, Android & iOS platform. The team's core strength is in the areas of Project Management, Product Consulting and Development including e-commerce based turn-key solutions. We have a team of certified professionals with skills such as Microsoft Products, MS-SQL Server, etc. Our team has thorough knowledge on different stages of SDLC, domain expertise, functionality, etc. We have extensively worked on various technologies across India. All our professionals are quite comfortable with any sector/industry, any work environment and culture. We move/get along with the clients with ease and deliver projects on time.


We at Satvat believe in carving such a work environment where our employees can have their peace of mind and freedom of thoughts which will reflect in the work they do. So, keeping the interest of the employees in mind, we follow the employee friendly HR practices as we know a happy mind can work beyond its own ability. We understand that an employee plays many roles in his life so we try to deal and handle the issues of our employees sensitively and give them a scope to balance their professional and personal life. We encourge employee to practice stress relaxation techniques through meditation and incorporate the same in our work culture We at Satvat strive to be a HR driven company, So every day we try to improve and excel in our HR practices and be innovative in every possible way to strengthen the employee and employer relationship.