Skills / Career Enhancement Test (SET / CET)

In the last few years, there has been a steady rise in those who use skill tests to attract and retain talent. While many leading companies rely heavily on pre-employment assessments, there is an enormous untapped potential yet explored in its adoption. Scientific and technological advancements in assessment tools have expanded their reach, making them more affordable and convenient for employers. These tools ensure a remarkable candidate experience, also giving candidates remote access to skill assessment tests at their convenience. During hiring or recruitment, most employers require candidates to take skills assessment tests to evaluate an individual’s aptitude or skills and determine whether they are a good match for the role. They make the formal job offer after the interviews, and skills assessment helps them make an informed decision.


These tests may be in the form of a general evaluation that helps gauge and evaluate an individual’s personality type and skills, and expertise level, which provides a detailed understanding of whether the candidate fits the position or would thrive in the company culture. The entire recruitment and selection process can be stressful, but you can turn skills assessment tests into an opportunity to stand out from the competition. This method can prove to be your perfect ally when approached with the right mindset. Business organizations employ customized skill assessments for recruiting and workforce development. The skills test can help the hiring managers recruit and retain the best talent during a campus or lateral hiring. Conducting skills assessment online can considerably reduce recruitment costs and help make the right hiring decisions. Learning and training and development teams can also utilize skills tests to identify their workforce’s knowledge gaps. An employee requires diverse skills to achieve positive results in any job role as proficiency in technical and soft skills accentuates an individual’s performance. That’s why skills tests are used in the hiring process to assess potential and productivity. The HR and L&D teams can utilize these tools to address talent gaps in the organization, conduct training sessions and perform succession planning.

Given below are some of the most sought-after skills required by employers
during the recruitment and during employment.

Sought-after skills required by employers


Analytical Skills


Technical Skills


Interpersonal Skills


Communication Skills


360° Feedback Assessments


Aptitude Tests


Psychometric Tests


Behavioural Assessments


SME Assessments


Cognitive Assessments


Language Assessments


Leadership Skills




Positive Attitude

Besides being the most suitable assessment method, these skill tests
have additional uses as given below:

To attract the right talent

To assess existing employees for various roles

To identify high-potential leaders

To benchmark talent performance within an organization

To identify assessee’s strengths and gaps

To help create long-term value for employees

Skill assessment tests provide deep insights about hard skills and several other vital competencies of both job applicants and current employees to accomplish organizational objectives. Skill tests can significantly help employers recruit quality hires and improve existing employees’ performance through well-informed and data-driven decisions.