Internet and Intranet Applications

SATVAT develops intranet or internet applications for your Organizations with security enabled features. Intranet is simply private Internet. Intranets are like the Internet but access to the facilities is restricted to one company or group. The technology is just the same as the Internet where users can access web pages, send emails and transfer files.

Intranet is a very useful way of sharing information amongst employees. Our experts in this service can give you the following benefits in an effective manner.


Our Intranet solutions includes :

Online Recruitment & Assessment Management System

Online Resource Management System

Online Learning Management System

Online workflow management System

Online Admission management System

Online Performance Management

Online Map based solutions

Online Sales management system

All the above-mentioned solutions are provided as turnkey solutions that can be completely hosted and managed to suit your specific requirements. When commercially available applications just don't meet your required standards, SATVAT INFOSOL can create the custom application to solve your problems and incorporate your other business processes/applications that will streamline your business. Your entire operations can be linked into your web site increasing your productivity. At SATVAT INFOSOL, we have a team of world-class developers keen to utilize their knowledge of cutting-edge technologies and methods to develop applications. Our developers have extensive experience in Internet, Intranet and e-Commerce application development as well as interactive solutions that integrate with back-end legacy systems and databases. More important than our technical expertise, we understand the complex business implications of enterprise-wide application development. At SATVAT we believe that a successful implementation means buy-in from employees and customers.