Content Development

The strategy behind content writing these days is slightly different from the traditional marketing content which was used for communicating a company’s brand. The trend has completely changed and now the preparation of that content requires a complete different approach. Especially when you write for the web the content needs to cease a visitor’s attention and get them to reach you. For this to happen, you will first need to understand your readers and what they expect.

When writing content one should follow a process. The sentence should be shorter so should be the words and paragraphs. Always try to stick on to the inverted pyramid style by putting the conclusion or the most important point first. Use simple words and try to use bullet points. Highlight the text which is important. Using headlines and subheads would make more sense and easy to read.


Here are a few observations on
today’s trend

  • Reading from a computer tires the eye more than from paper, so the content should be 50% lesser than that on papers.
  • According to a research more than 70 % of the readers scroll through the page just reading the highlights and pointers, make sure you bullet the points.
  • Most of your readers would be in a hurry to get what they are searching for so your content should steel their attention in the first 10 seconds.
  • When people read they don’t like the jargon or exaggerated content. Keep it short and sweet.

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