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The term “Biometrics” is derived from the Greek words, “bio” (Life) and “metrics” (to measure) Rood and Hornak, 2008. Automated biometric systems have only become available over the last few decades. Due to the significant advances in the field of computer and image processing, although biometric technology seems to belong in the twenty first century, the history of biometrics goes back thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians and the Chinese played a large role in biometric history.

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Research on biometric methods has gained renewed attention in recent years brought on by an increase in security concerns. The recent world attitude towards terrorism has influenced people and their governments to take action and be more proactive in security issues. This need for security also extends to the need for individuals to protect, among other things, their working environments, homes, personal possessions and assets, many biometric techniques have been developed and are being improved with the most successful being applied in everyday law enforcement and security applications.

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Biometric methods include several-of-the-art techniques for almost security authentication. Advances in sensor technology and an increasing demand for biometrics are driving a burgeoning a biometric industry to develop new technologies. As commercial incentives increase many new technologies for person identification are being developed like facial biometric.

Today, the focus on using biometric face recognition, recognition and identifying characteristics to stop terrorism and improve security measures.

Accurately identifying a person is the most critical process in biometrics-based security applications, and issued for recognizing and determining an individual identity based on his or her physical or behavioral characteristics including finger-prints and face.

Biometric based identification system has been widely utilized in many security applications. Biometrics is a marvelous technology that is lower in cost, faster and more accurate. Over the last couple of decade, biometric based recognition systems have been widely investigated, a number of biometric features have been studied tested and successfully deployed in application including information security, law enforcement, surviollance, forensics, smart cards, access control, time/place control points and computer networks.

This describes background information and verification system, face Recognition Systems, and multi-modal biometric system, respectively.

Exam-malpractice have become one issue that need urgent attention today. Especially in the compitetaive exams, college/university exams, Government recruitment exams, etc these biometric techinques are used for capturing and verification purpose of the candidates who is appearing for the examinations. The Photo & Biometric finger print is captured of the candidates in the examination premises before the exam starts and it will verified during the next level of screening process of the selected candidates.

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