Examination / Assessment Based on
AI/ML Technology

AI & ML are the next level of updates in technology. Artificial Intelligence has seamlessly transitioned into our daily lives, which we might have failed to notice. Consumers use more AI than they realize, while 77% of consumers actually use AI-powered device, only 33% of consumers realize that they are using an AI-powered device.

AI is transforming the way we conduct online exams and it is making them more secure and easier to organize. ...

  • Facial Recognition and Voice Recognition for Remote Proctoring
  • Onscreen Marking System
  • AI can provide proctors and students with feedback
  • Automated ID verification & authentication
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Content Protection
  • Secure Browser
  • Record & Review
  • Application Supports: Objective,Subjective, Descriptive and Uploading of Answer Sheets
  • Hybrid Mode
  • Dashboard for monitoring live analysis of activities
  • Online Evaluation
  • Reports
  • Ready For Customization

AI & ML have made their way to online exams. Facial recognition and voice recognition have made online exams more secure. Some facial recognition systems are in fact better at facial identification than humans.
AI-powered online examination systems have made the lives of many teachers and students very easier. Proctors have benefitted from the lessened burden of conducting and organizing exams. They have also benefited from the feedback which online examination systems provide.

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